Fried Lamb Kebabs


300g lamb / 10g stir-fried white sesame seed / 1 table spoon oil / 1 table spoon cooking wine / 1 tea spoon chili powder / 3g salt / 1 green onion / 3 slices of ginger / 1 table spoon starch flour


1. Wash the lamb, peel off and cut into slices; wash and chop the ginger; chop the green onion.
2. Mix salt / cooking wine / chili powder / water starch with lamb thoroughly. String lamb on bamboo sticks.
3. Add oil (enough to cover the lamb kebabs). Close the lid and press the “Function” key to select “Deep-fry”, then press “+” key to add 6 minutes. When the oil is heated for 2 minutes, add the Lamb Kebabs, fry to golden color, sprinkle with white sesame seed and chopped green onion before serving