Own the future of cooking with Ropot - The Smart Pot

Eat Healthy with Ropot - The Smart Pot!

How Ropot controls cooking fume; Saves time; Uses less oil; Non-stick inner pot gets cleaned easily

Controls smoke:
Ropot’s sensors and micro-chips eliminate cooking fume caused by many common cooking oils by keeping temperatures below 428F (220C). And, Ropot’s innovative filtering system helps keep oil clean.

Saves time:                                                                                        Ropot can automatically cook dishes for you in a  quick and efficient manner with both upper and lower heating elements.

Uses less oil:
Ropot’s durable, triple-layer, non-stick, inner pot, combined with its stir functions, allows you to use up to 50% less oil for healthier meals.

Non-stick inner pot:
Ropot’s durable, triple-layer, non-stick inner pot is free from PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic acid) for your health and safety. It can also be cleaned very easily after cooking.



Videos Below: (Two rows, from Left to Right, )
Row 1: Ropot Introduction;  Control Panel;  Asparagus;  Salmon
Row 2: Steak;  Chicken+Vegetables;  Vegetables;  Snack-Walnuts

Ropot - The Smart Pot - Robot Cooker

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