Ropot - The Intelligent Robot Cooker - The Smart Pot - free shipping

Ropot - The Intelligent Robot Cooker - The Smart Pot - free shipping

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Now available in North America!

Upgraded Ropot with Rose Gold color

1. One-click lid opening, easy and safe
2. One-click cooking mode selection, cook effortlessly
3. Upgraded inner pot improves cooking efficiency
4. Stainless steel stirring paddle provides a powerful stirring, easy to clean
5. Optimized cooking modes, a smarter robot cooker
6. Modern rose gold color blends in with all kitchens
7. Color box packaging makes Ropot a perfect gift for your loved ones
Revolutionize your cooking with the advanced technology of ROPOT, the new kitchen appliance with 8 convenient, pre-programmed functions.

•Stir-fry • Pan-fry • Deep-fry • Sauté
• Braise/Steam •Stew •Roast • Manual
Plus a Toss function that is especially helpful when dishes require additional seasoning upon completion.
Assemble your ingredients, add to Ropot, close the lid, and select Stir-Fry. Then sit back, relax, and wait 3 minutes or so while Ropot does the cooking for you.
the built-in paddle stirs your own fresh, healthy ingredients and keeps foods moving at just the right speed;
the upper and lower elements cook foods to perfection;

Ropot dimensions: 31cm(W) x 42cm(L) x 30cm(H);
the function shuts off automatically to prevent over-cooking; and
the seal-tight lid keeps spatters inside Ropot where they belong!
Oh, did we mention the generous, 4-inch deep by 10-inch diameter, triple-layer, non-stick pot that makes clean-up as easy as pie?

ROPOT – The smart robot cooker
From SimLife Inc.
Revolutionize your cooking!

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