Fried Sweet and Sour Tenderloin (Lean Meat)

Prep time

Ropot cook


8 minutes

7 minutes



1 tablespoon starch

4 tablespoon red wine

300ml apple juice

2 tablespoon vinegar

2 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon tomato soup

2g salt

5g black pepper powder

400g pork fillets cut into strips

1 onion cut into slices

2 tablespoon olive oil

3 garlic cloves


  1. Mix starch and red wind in a bowl, then add apple juice, vinegar, brown sugar, tomato soup and other seasoning to mix up.
  2. Prepare another big bowl to coat starch on pork evenly. Add oil to Ropot and then add pork. Press the “Function” key to select “Pan-fry”.
  3. Add onion, garlic, step 1 prepared seasoning together into the cooker and press the “Function” key to select “Stir-fry”.