Ropot Recipes By SimLife


Stir-fried Shredded Potato with Sour Sauce
Stir-fried Tomato with Eggs
Scrambled Shrimp Meat
Yu-Shiang Shredded Pork (Sautéed with Spicy Garlic Sauce)
Sautéed Cuttlefish with Silk Noodles
Stir-fried Green and Red Pimento
Sautéed Assorted Vegetables
Stir-fried Beef Filet with Hot Pepper
Sautéed Diced Chicken with Chili and Pepper
Stir-Fried Tofu in Hot Sauce
Stir-fried Corn
Stir-fried Lettuce
Stir-fried Celery
Sugar-coated Peanut
Yangzhou Fried Rice
Sautéed Shredded Pork Tripe
Sautéed Diced Chicken and Green Soybean


Braised Spare Ribs
Braised Pork with Chestnuts
Braised Pork
Braised Prawns


Pan-Fried Chicken Wings in Cola Sauce
Fried Eggs
Fried Fish
Fried Dumplings
Fried Pancake
Fried Pumpkin Cake


French Fries
Fried Lamb Kebabs
Fried Spring Rolls


Stewed Lamb with White Radish
Stewed Chicken with Mushroom
Stewed Beef with Tomato
Stewed Fork with Pickled Cabbage and Vermicelli
Steamed Lamb
Steamed Cabbage Rolls Stuffed with Pork Paste
Steamed Tofu Skin Rolls
Steamed Japanese Tofu with Shrimps
Steamed Baozi (stuffed bun)


Tomato and Egg Soup
Green Peas and Corn Soup
Broth with Meat Balls
Shredded Pork and Pickled Vegetable Soup
Pork Ribs and Lotus Roots Soup
Noodles in Shredded Pork Soup with Salted Potherb Mustard
Braised Pasta with Beef
Fine Noodles in Clear Soup
Noodles with Fried Eggs
Noodles with Fresh Shrimp Wonton


General Tso’s Chicken, Chinese Style
Kung Pao Chicken, Chinese Style
Ma Po Tofu, Chinese Style
Tomato Soup, Italian Style
Fried Rice, Mexico Style
Braised Pasta, Italian Style
Chicken Vegetable Soup
Thai Style Fried Pie with Seafood
Sautéed Chicken with Pineapple
Stewed Beef with Apple, Korean Style
Sautéed Prawns
Fried Apples, Filberts and Potatoes
Milan Pork Chops
Stewed Pork with Sausage and Soybean
Fried Sweet and Sour Tenderloin (Lean Meat)
Pad Thai, Thai Style
Tom Yum Goong Soup, Thai Style
Gai Med Ma Moung (Chicken Cashew Nuts), Thai Style
Butter Chicken, Indian Style
Beef Steak
Mexican Beef Chili


Maple Glazed Walnuts

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